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As some of you may be aware, over the last year, two years, there have been a fantastic outpouring of devotional works dedicated to the gods. It's a vivid look at our living faith and frankly exciting to see how others are living god-centered lives and walking their paths. In this vein, I'm reaching out to the entire religious community for any and all who are walking with Frigga.

I will be compiling a devotional anthology dedicated to the All-Mother, due out May 10, 2009: Mother's Day, to be self-published through Lulu.com. To that end, I would love to hear from anyone who works with Her. I'm looking for prayers, essays, poems, rituals, tales of your personal experiences with Her, art, recipes, meditations, photographs of altars (300 dpi please), or anything else you feel fitting for this collection. Articles concerning other gods with whom Frigga is linked -- Odin, Baldr, Her Handmaidens -- should be primarily focused upon Frigga and/or their connections, rather than individually-focused pieces. All being well, it is my hope to compile a more Handmaiden-focused devotional in the future, but this one is just for Frigga.

A large portion of this work will be my own, but I truly would love to have a great diversity of voices represented in the book, to better honour Her. I will also, likely, be soliciting permission from people whose work on Frigga I have already found on the internet, so if I email you about this rather than the other way around... don't be shocked. ;)

Your practice doesn't need to be primarily focused on Frigga for you to contribute, anyone who has worked with and loves Her is very welcome to submit articles. Lore references (such as they exist) are fine, so is UPG. However, in the spirit of hospitality and openness to all (very Friggan values ;) ) please keep all contributions positive -- no hate or bigotry please, regardless of its flavour. I reserve the right to reject submissions that I don't feel are appropriate or fit the tone of the book, and please, do not take this as a personal offence.

Send inquiries and contributions to friggasfemme AT gmail dot com. Subject line, FRIGGA DEVOTIONAL so I can keep my email organised, please!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 14 February 2009!

When submitting:
Please send the article in the form of a .doc or a .rtf attachment for ease of formatting. Include a brief bio (5 sentences tops) to go with your writer's credit, as well as the name you would like to be published under, your legal name and a contact email address. Release forms will be sent by email to be printed off and returned, and you will, of course, retain all rights to your work.

Unfortunately will be no monetary compensation, and I don't know if I will be able to provide contributor copies. WIN House, an Ongoing Project Of Edmonton Women's Shelter Ltd., will receive a financial contribution from every copy sold.

Please feel free to repost this CFS anywhere you think it could garner interest! :) And I hope this post isn't out of line for the community.


Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)
It will be self-published through Lulu.com. Thanks for pointing out that I hadn't added that!