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Call for Submissions: Winter Comes

I crossposted this in my LJ and other communities. If you think that it's not right for this one, delete it, please.

Well, this is my first CFS. It started like an idea and now I think that I could make it real with a little work, so here it is.

Winter Comes, a Devotional for Winter Deities.

I wish to recieve everything you could send me about your work and devotion for Holda, Woden, Skaði and Ullr (poetry, rituals, essays, personal gnosis, altar pics, drawings, songs, recipes, photographies, prayer beads or prayers, etc). I want to make a work centered on Their Winter, Witchy and Hunter aspects and only about these four Deities (so no other of Their related Ones accepted); you could send all the stuff that you'll want to. Please, I'm trying to make a serious and respectful work, so don't send me fanfic or similar issues, nor any disrespectful or bashing work about any of the other Deities (and this includes Æsir, Vanir and Rökkr or Jotnar).

Work length: I'm gonna accept works until 9000 words.

I couldn't pay for submissions, and I don't know if could afford contributor copies.

Deadline for submissions: 15th September 2009. You could send your works on .doc or .txt or any question about the Devotional to: saevorATgmailDOTcom

I'm gonna donate all the income money from the Devotional to this two groups: