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Mengloth and the Maidens of Lyfja Mount

hagazusa encouraged me to post this here, so I am going to provide a link to the article on my website, and text for the link-phobic behind the cut (I realize some people don't like to follow links elsewhere).

I should say up front that while there is an Eddaic reference at the beginning the article is solely my UPG and with any personal gnosis, your mileage may vary.

Mengloth and the Maidens of Lyfja Mount

Svipdag spake:
51. "Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
For now the truth would I know:
What call they the mountain on which the maid
Is lying so lovely to see?"

Fjolsvith spake:
52. "Lyfjaberg is it, and long shall it be
A joy to the sick and the sore;
For well shall grow each woman who climbs it,
Though sick full long she has lain."

Svipdag spake:
53. "Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
For now the truth would I know:
What maidens are they that at Mengloth's knees
Are sitting so gladly together?"

Fjolsvith spake:
54. "Hlif is one named, Hlifthrasa another,
Thjothvara call they the third;
Bjort and Bleik, Blith and Frith,
Eir and Aurbotha."

Svipdag spake:
55. "Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
For now the truth would I know:
Aid bring they to all who offerings give,
If need be found therefor?"

Fjolsvith spake:
56. "Soon aid they all who offerings give
On the holy altars high;
And if danger they see for the sons of men,
Then each from ill do they guard."

Svipdag spake:
57. "Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
For now the truth would I know:
Lives there the man who in Mengloth's arms
So fair may seek to sleep?"

Fjolsvith spake:
58. "No man there is who in Mengloth's arms
So fair may seek to sleep,
Save Svipdag alone, for the sun-bright maid
Is destined his bride to be."

Fjolsvinnsmol, Bellows translation

I encountered Mengloth directly for the first time in July of 2007. I had held ritual to Her prior to that in years past, and had invariably contacted Eir. For awhile I was working quite often with Eir as I did Reiki on myself and others. But it wasn't until then that I actually met Mengloth and the other maidens of Lyfja Mount.

On the night I first encountered Mengloth, I went into a deep trance state and found myself climbing up these stone steps and approaching a veiled giantess surrounded by bright white light. She lifted her veil and told me her name was Mengloth and she had been expecting me for some time now. She had a mellifluous nearly-British sounding voice, very pleasant. The most notable thing about Mengloth, besides Her being quite large and with large hands, was the necklace. It was a multi-strand necklace made of semiprecious stones, all the colors of the rainbow. It must have been quite heavy, but She seemed to not be burdened by its weight.

The first thing Mengloth had me do was look into a mirror, and the reflection I saw was quite frightening. I had matted grey hair, a swollen face, my skin and eyes were both tinged yellow, my teeth were rotted, and my hands were gnarled. She explained the damage done to my body, mind, and spirit over the years had prematurely aged me and then she wrapped me up in a cocoon-like object. I screamed for her to let me out and she said it was necessary. There was a soft glowing light in the cocoon and I saw amber-colored jelly-egg things. I decided to taste one and got the memory of rice pudding so clear I could actually taste it. As I ate them I got memories of things I liked in childhood, and I drifted off to sleep.

Over the next nine days I was introduced to the Goddesses who work with Mengloth at Lyfja Mount, and They each taught me a lesson about the nature of healing both self and others. As payment to Them for Their teaching as well as for starting healing within myself, They requested I write, which I am doing now with this article.

HLIF appeared with golden blonde hair and much more casually dressed than the others, in something that looked more like worker's clothes than priestess clothes. She is the only Goddess to this day that I've actually seen wearing trousers, which surprised me. She was literally running around the temple, faster than anything I'd seen. She tapped the nine energy points (akin to chakras) in my energy field, which were spinning counter-clockwise, and made them spin clockwise (and quite fast). She giggled while she was doing it, like she found it to be a lot of fun.

HLIFTHRASA presented herself as being more subdued than her sister. I saw her with long brown hair and a plain face, wearing a beige dress and white apron. She had a headdress pushed back off her face but still covering most of Her hair. I also noticed She was carrying around a silver tray that looked like something for a tea service and there were cups of tea and teabags on it. She smiled and taught me a bit about sacred breath for energy work.

Apparently there are nine energy fields within the aura, comparable to the chakras of Hindu and (earlier) Indo-European belief. The first is at the feet, second is at the base of the spine, third is in the genitalia, fourth is in the navel, fifth is in the heart, sixth is at the thymus, seventh is at the throat, eighth is the "third eye", and ninth is the crown at the skull.

During times of high stress, as well as during devotional work and to prepare for ritual work, it is good to take a moment and "go inward" to the etheric field and do a sacred breathwork exercise, breathing nine times for each energy point, breathing in light and breathing it out. Concentrate on the light filling the energy point during the exercise. No wonder why so many people are advised to "breathe" when they're having a stressful moment. I know from personal experience that when I get upset I can hyperventilate and this cuts off oxygen to the brain and makes me feel even more panicked. And there is truth to regulating breath being good for relaxation.

THJOTHVARA's name translates to "Tribe-Guardian". She has a room at the top of the temple at Lyfja Mount (my UPG says the temple was made by Mengloth herself), which not only overlooks all of Jotunheim, but all of the Nine Worlds. From this particular location you can see threads, but not wyrd-threads like the Norns let certain people see. These are health-threads. In other words, people's energy fields and their ties to other people and other Deities and wights, as well as to places and things. Thjothvara's main message to me was the more each of us work on behalf of others, praying for them with intent, the better each of us -- especially myself -- will feel, because prayer does change things, it sends light and energy down the threads of Wyrd.

BJORT appears very silvery-glowy, and wears flowing white robes and many pieces of jewelry made of silver and pearls. When She speaks, She sings, and She is a Goddess who inspires shamanic song, especially for healing, or well-written prayers and spells for healing. Her lesson is to let whatever is coming out of you just flow, and not be intimidated by whether or not it sounds good or "proper" by the standards of others... to use the voice as a conduit of healing, of release.

BLEIK is given the name "The White Lady", and like Her sister, also dresses all in white, and is pale, with pale hair. She is another veiled Goddess, and is a Goddess of purification, which means not only detoxification of body, but of mind and spirit as well. She knows about smudging as well as special baths for cleansing, as well as internal forms of cleansing such as enemas. She is all about purging whatever is toxic, the more cathartic, the better. In addition Hers tends to be the ordeal path if you are doing healing training through Her, She is very much about not making things pleasant during the process, but making sure the job is thorough and brings about drastic, permanent, and necessary change.

BLITH appeared as blonde, in a bright gold dress, and carrying flowers, with not a few flowers in Her hair. She was extremely giggly, and taught me about smiling, laughter, and a spirit of gratitude and wonder being good for cheering the soul, which spills over into the enjoyment of life. Positive energy begets more positive energy, and to have an appreciation of the gift of life (rather than despairing of it) is Her lesson. Some of Her methods of healing may seem rightly frivolous, such as dancing, blowing bubbles, smelling flowers, and sunbathing, but these are all ways to have fun and be mindful that if you can have one happy moment, you can have others, and all is not lost.

FRITH is tender of the fountain/pool I saw when first ascending the stone temple that Mengloth built with Her own hands. Frith had me sit in the pool and She gave me the gnosis that the water in the pool were the tears of all the world. I could sense pain in the people close to me, and in random people throughout the world. I also sensed the tears of the Nine had been gathered into the pool as well, and as I stepped out of the pool, Frith told me I would find what I was searching for, and that night I had my first major dream about Angrboda.

Frith's lesson as it pertains to healing is that we are all, for better or for worse, in this together, we all suffer, and the best thing to do is to be mindful of that even when someone is being completely dishonorable, there is most likely multiple reasons behind a person's actions. Fostering a sense of compassion is important *especially* if you have been called to the role of a healer. You cannot heal with hate in your heart.

EIR is the Lyfja Mount handmaiden I know best, my own personal gnosis says that She is the same Eir that is one of Frigga's handmaidens and goes back and forth between the two. Eir is the patron of all who do medical healing, including doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants. She is also patron of midwives and herbalists. Eir is very much an "efficiency expert" but there is warmth behind it... She clearly does care about the person She is dealing with, albeit in an impersonal way. Eir has a very no-nonsense demeanor and if She's told you to do something regarding your health and you don't, She will not help you again.

Eir was also the one who "blew out" my Reiki. I had been attuned to Reiki in the late 1990s and often worked Reiki in the name of Eir on myself and others. Eir told me Herself that I was to stop doing this, and this was only for me and not necessarily anyone else. Knowing what I do now about the quirks of my energy field and my particular Path*, I can see why She literally blasted the Reiki out of my etheric body.

AURBODA is Gerda's mother, as mentioned in the Eddas. My gnosis regarding Aurboda is some of Gerda's herbs are given to Aurboda to take to Lyfja Mount for healing usage there. Aurboda has a very commanding presence: tall and drop-dead gorgeous, clad in black. She is the patron of the shamans who will excise astral snakes and poison and elf-shot out of your body and leave the patient screaming and writhing on the table as the spirits come out, and finally be better than normal. She knows the madness road more intimately than any other, and She also comes to those who are near-death to help prepare them for the transition. Aurboda can go from the fury and storm necessary to battle ill-wights to calm literally in a matter of minutes. Gerda has inherited much of Aurboda's serious (and somewhat depressive) nature, but Aurboda is not without compassion, although it should be known that She never smiled when I was there even though I made a point of showing reverence. She is, out of all of Mengloth's handmaidens, the most business-like as well as the most likely to "tell it like it is" although She may give you an alternative method of *coping* with your condition if it cannot be cured or "fixed".

*I am a secondary "leaky bucket" psi vampire and get my energy from things that are "alive", such as the ground, the bodies of water, trees, and eating food as fresh as possible, rather than taking it from people without their consent. Reiki apparently did damage to me despite being touted as a "harmless" form of energy work.

After my time with the Maidens I wrote a series of prayers to work with Them, which I share here with you now:


Guardian of Lyfja Mount,
A place of joy to the sick and the sore;
For well shall grow each woman who climbs it,
Though sick full long she has lain.
Mengloth, Etin Goddess,
borne of ancient people
who know of the secrets of nature and survival,
you have made a shelter
with your own hands
for you see our weakness and frailty.
Take mercy on us, Mengloth,
whose bright compassion
is the jewel that girds your neck.
Hail Mengloth!


Help you are called,
and help you give
to those who have a need.
Swiftly you come to the aid
of those who call your name.
You are vitality,
you are life itself.
Hail Hlif!

Working: the rune Ger (Jera) is pushed into the feet.


Hail to the Help-Breather,
teacher of sacred breath
to calm the troubled mind,
to ease the tense body,
to bring in life force
to regenerate,
to transform.
Hail Hlifthrasa!

Working: the rune Ior is pushed into the base of the spine.


who tends the bower atop the temple,
who can look down and see
all of the Nine Worlds.
You are preserver of the people,
you call on those of us who can heal
to do so,
to repair the torn and broken threads,
to renew threads that are ragged.
Hail Thjothvara,
and may I ever be mindful
of my sacred duty to You.

Working: the rune Ing is pushed into the genitals.


ethereal and radiant,
you restore the beauty within each soul,
and help each soul to see
the beauty within life and the beauty within the world.
You are the dance of the butterfly,
the song of the babbling brook,
the light of the stars in the vast galaxy.
Hail Bjort,
beautiful one.

Working: the rune Ur is pushed into the solar plexus.


White Lady,
you are purification,
cleansing of the body from toxicity,
cleansing of the mind from negativity,
cleansing of the spirit from futility.
You clean out all that harms,
you are the purging one.
Hail Bleik,
paleness of death,
whiteness of clean.

Working: the rune Nyth is pushed into the hands.


Blithe Spirit,
you smile and laugh,
restoring our smiles and laughter,
helping us to see the humor in each day,
and the good things each of us are given.
Help us to be grateful for the good,
and not take the bad so seriously.
Hail Blith,
the Happy Healer.

Working: the rune Giefu is pushed into the heart.


Peace you give us,
a peace of mind
in the knowledge
that all will somehow be well,
a peace in community
to unite on commonalities
rather than divide over differences.
Peace you give us,
a happy home,
a happy family,
good friends,
companionship of the Gods.
Hail Frith,
the Peaceful Warrior.

Working: the rune Os is pushed into the throat.


Physician of the Gods,
the Merciful One.
I ask you to speed medical healing,
to speed the recovery
of illness or injury.
I ask you to inspire the doctors
to do no harm,
and to do well in treating the one whom I pray for.
Inspire the doctors to have mercy,
as you have mercy.
Inspire the one whom I pray for
to be patient and hopeful.
Hail Eir,
Greatest Physician.

Working: the rune Daeg is pushed into the "third eye" of the forehead.


mother of Gerda,
mother-in-law of Ingvi,
please lend an ear.
I ask that you aid the one whom I pray for
in using the gifts of the Earth itself
to speed recovery,
the gold, the wealth, that comes from the Earth.
Nutrition and exercise,
energy work as well,
and the power of the primal forces of the Earth,
the elements themselves,
terrible and beautiful --
may all of these things help
and may the one whom I pray for
find meaning and purpose
in all of this.
Hail Aurboda,
keeper of hidden riches.

Working: the rune Ealh (Algiz) is pushed into the crown.

(C) 2007-2008 Sigrun Freyskona.

Hope you enjoy. :)


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Apr. 5th, 2008 10:46 pm (UTC)
Yay!! Thanks so much for posting.
Apr. 5th, 2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting, I enjoyed. I like your prayers - you have a good way with words, concise and flowing. It is interesting that Eir wasn't happy with the Reiki... I often wonder about compatibility of energies of different traditions... do you have an opinion? Or do you think it was just this particular combination of your path/Reiki/Eir?
Apr. 5th, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
Re: nice
She wasn't happy with *my* Reiki, I can't speak for anyone else. I know of other Heathens who practice Reiki who haven't had their Gods complain about it. In my case as mentioned above She was more unhappy with the way it affected my energy -- while Reiki is promoted as "perfectly harmless", there are a small percentage of people who it can affect negatively, usually through energetical problems. I have had problems with my energy field and am a "leaky bucket" type and the Reiki seemed to enhance that rather than making it better.

Your mileage will vary, as I said there are many Heathens who practice Reiki and have never been told to stop.

Thanks for commenting and enjoying :)
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